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Testimonials – Maya Dattani

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“I went for my class some months ago, I can honestly say that I felt connected with my roots. I thought yoga was all about stretching and bending this way. It was nothing like this. Sikhism is important to me as I am one. It was refreshing to learn that yoga was created through the gurus. Thank you Maya for introducing me to Kundalini Yoga and you will see me in the new year. Sat nam”

Ravina Kaur December 2016


“Before I started Kundalini I felt so tied up with work, study and life stresses bombarding my mind.
I found it hard to switch off and this affected my focus, my reaction to those around me and most importantly my health (in other words I was completely over stimulated and strung out). Since practicing Kundalini with Maya I have adapted an awareness to myself and my surrounds which has created a profound change in both my physical and mental energy. My mind is less reactive, more still, and I feel I am now connected to the natural rhythms of earth – a synergy between my mind, body, soul, making it easier to wake up in the morning and multitask my way, stressless throughout the day. Kundalini practice really can be transformational. It took me a few classes to really open myself up, but once I did I reaped in the benefits quite rapidly. Thank you Maya for your time, patience & providing a safe place to just be.”

Tracy Gravestock – December 2016


“As we moved through unusual breathing patterns and different chants I  began to wonder  what an earth we’re we doing. I giggled throughout as I  connected back to my inner child. I felt content and a connection to
myself and the people around me as we sang. At the end of this  session I felt a deep sense of inner peace, happiness and a confidence to be myself. I found my first kundalini  class exhilarating, energising and a magical experience. I also found myself connecting with someone from the class and we are making plans to do something meaningful in the community. I will certainly be back for more next week!”

Lois Barrett- December 2016


“I really enjoyed my time at Maya’s Kundalini class. I forgot everything outside but focused on breathing and movement during the class. I also like to read the mantra with Maya.  I feel so relaxed physically and mentally after the class.  It is exactly what I need after a busy day at work. Maya is very patient and inspiring. I would recommend everyone to give her class a try and you will appreciate what Maya’s kundalini class will bring you.”

Min Lucia – March 2016


“I attended kundalini yoga practice with Maya at The Heart Yoga Space in Wolverton.  I have been practicing yoga for just over a year and had been focussing on the physical asanas / postures.  I thought I’d give kundalini a try because I was feeling stuck.  And I was totally blown away by it!  Working with breath and movement, with some mantras, I came out feeling energised and full of zeal.  Sometimes trying new things can be intimidating, but Maya helped me feel safe and gave clear instruction on the techniques.  Although the mantras are gurmukhi, you soon pick it up.  Physically, it is as challenging as you make it and Maya is great at nurturing an environment where you can work to your own level but with guidance from her.  Maya has a great ability to help you see the best in yourself and to allow it to grow and the feeling stays with you.
Kundalini has added a powerful new aspect to my practice, especially off the mat, and I am definitely converted!”

Neil Brewster – December 2016


“Kundalini yoga is such a powerful practice! Every session is a great workout not only for my muscles but also for inner organs which still surprises and amazes me. Maya is a wonderful teacher who includes positive and motivating words into every session and so encourages her students to take care of their bodies as well as their mind and soul. “

Tjasa- December 2016


“I’ve practiced Hatha yoga on and off for over 40 years and when I began retirement in January
I added a weekly Iyengar class to my routine. I knew nothing of Kundalini yoga until I read an article about it in the Times earlier this year. I was so impressed by the reports of the benefits of this “yoga of awareness” that in June I sought out a local class which turned out to be Maya’s Thursday morning session at the Heart Yoga Space in Wolverton. What Maya teaches us is a dynamic form of yoga where the blend of kriyas, postures, chanting and meditation work really well together to leave us feeling physically energized, mentally stronger and emotionally uplifted. Maya’s gentle, reassuring approach helps to keep us focused and connected, and the Heart is a lovely, calm space to share this truly rewarding experience.”

Gayle Bandy – October 2016


“Maya’s Kundalini classes are a perfect combination of effort and ease. Everyone works to their own ability, and as there are very varying ages and abilities one never feels silly or singled out! The classes make me feel energized and centered, a wonderful start to the day.”

Elaine Kershaw -October 2016


“My life was quite stressful and my body wasn’t physically strong. I had constant pain in my lower back and very limited movement in my shoulder caused by a car accident 2 years earlier. I knew that I needed to do something that would help both my mind and body.

And so, with an open mind, I joined Maya’s Kundalini yoga class. Now, nearly a year later, I can honestly say that I can’t remember the last time I had any back pain and I have regained full movement of my shoulder. I have also learned how to slow down my ‘busy’ mind and allow peace and calm to come in. Joining a Kundalini yoga class is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I feel so much healthier and happier 🙂 “

Ros Hughes -September 2016