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7.30am Yoga Time…..

7.30am Yoga Time!!- Day 6

First night in Ubud. Last night was a toughest night to sleep!! All I could hear were the crickets, frogs, the ducks and the chicken. And this loud squeaking noise which I couldn’t figure out what it was!! Is this what 

nature intended for me today? What a night at 12pm I decided  I had to do something drastic this sleep deprivation is not doing me well. I just needed to sleep! I decided to drown the noise out with Snatnam Kaur and Peter Kater album The heart of the universe. It was actually quite nice listening to the Kundalini mantras while I relaxed and eventually fell asleep.

Yay!! I woke up super early at 5.30am. Well earlier than I have been able to while I have been here. I wanted to get myself to a Kundalini class at 7.30am at the Yoga Barn.  As I opened my curtains it was still pitch black. Once I showered I could see the sun starting to rise. It was such a moment of beauty. My bedroom overlooked the rice fields​ and my room has these big windows to two sides of the room it looked amazing. I hurried on out the door walking through the gardens of the hotel, what a site. It is stunning.  The architecture, the flowers, the trees and the rice fields and temples all in the grounds of this wonderful hotel. Last night I couldn’t appreciate the view but this morning  OMG.

I reached the Yoga Barn what a hidden gem tucked away from the streets, you wouldn’t have known it was even there. I didn’t expect it to be so big and open. The class was beautiful with a great teacher and then I headed to the café for a vegan white chocolate brownie for breakfast with a cup of ginger and lemongrass tea, yummy!!



I visited the water temple in the centre of Ubad and then headed for the market to buy a few more bits to take home. Oh no, I bought another pair of elephant print trousers lol, how did that happen!!…


Lunch was great I found this little cafe called the Earth Cafe. It had a really nice atmosphere,  I loved the decor and vibrancy of the place. In your face bright lime green and orange. It did really work.



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Hi! Thanks a lot! Love your blog!.

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    Thank you I am glad you enjoy it.

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