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5 Things To Avoid For A Healthy Immune System This Winter

1. Chronic Stress
Being stressed now and again is ok, but to live a life of chronic stress is not healthy for your mind or your body. You are more prone to viruses when your immune system is low.
Try exercise, yoga, meditation, playing a musical instrument, or something artistic like drawing or paining.

2. Excessive Alcohol,
Too much alcohol can reduce the productivity of the white blood cells, these cells need to function well so they can fight off any infection, bacteria and viruses. A run down immune system will be more prone to coughs and colds.

3. Not Enough Sleep
Bedtime is when the body heals and repairs. If you don’t get enough sleep the body doesn’t have the time it needs to recuperate and restore the cells in the body.

4. Being Overweight
Puts pressure on your immune system as your body is unable to respond well to fighting off infections or viruses. The immune system will be more sluggish and less responsive when it is needed.

5. Taking Excessive Medication.
Over time your body will get used to taking medication and will become less effective. There will be a build up of toxins in the body which weakens the immune system.

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