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Sleepless Night…

Sleepless Night… Day 3 of Travel

Another night of no sleep. I was still up at 4am. What is going on?  I’ve never felt jet lag like this before, is it normal? I dragged myself out of bed at 7am this morning, hoping that when it comes to the evening I will be tired. Most mornings in the UK I’m normally awake by 5 or 6am. It seems like Bali wants me to

see the nights instead of my usual mornings. I’ve not manage to get into the routine with my morning practice of yoga yet either. I may just have to do a short Kriya later this evening. I’ve managed to find a driver last night, he has a lot of recommendations on FB hopefully he can fit me in over the next few days so I can go sightseeing.

Breakfast was pretty good at the hotel some mushrooms, broccoli, rice and noodles,  I also managed to take fruit up to my room for later. It’s weird that I can’t find any fresh fruit in the mini marts here in Kuta, what do all the local people eat? All snacky food I can find is crisps and biscuits!! Lucky for my peanut butter and rice cakes lol.












I went to visit the lovely spa in the hotel again, today for a pedicure, the place is so pretty and and prices are so reasonable in Bali. Then ventured to a café for a spot of lunch, followed by a walk round the local markets, bargaining on the price of clothing. This is like India, I have no idea what things are worth here. What is it they say? Things are worth what the other person is willing to pay!!












I’m now chilling by the infinity pool on the top floor at the hotel, It overlooks Kuta beach, I’m listening to music, writing and reading. Watching the sky as the sun slowly goes down, the colours look warm yet very calm, as I take in the view, I feel goosebumps on my arms. This place is so unreal. I have never felt so connected to a place before.


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