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Sammy the Sea Turtle

Sammy the Sea Turtle- Day 4

What a day, it started off as a crazy hot morning, ended as a lovely relaxed evening. Late morning I headed out to find the restaurant called Tasty Vegan, I was determined I wanted to eat good vegetarian food and the reviews were good on trip advisor. Google maps said

45 minutes so thought it would be a great little walk and a chance to see another part of the town. I took the scenic walk through the beach walking along the waters edge. Then headed inwards towards the shops. I walked through hotel car parks, market stalls and back street lanes. Lucky for Satnav on my phone, otherwise I would have been very lost.

As I’m walking through the street, people were coming up to me asking if I wanted to hire a motorbike. I would say no, then the next person would ask the same thing after hearing I had already said no to the last guy. Same with all the massage ladies. Massage anyone?? These massage parlours were everywhere. I carried on weaving in and out of shops, looking at jewellery and clothes, more jewellery, more clothes. The midday heat was getting to me now, every time it got unbearable I found a shop with AC to cool down, before I headed back out onto the street again. Two and half hours later I finally managed to make it to the restaurant. I tried not to look disappointed as I arrived, I had traipsed two and half hours in the heat and no one was even in the restaurant. I thought I would have been able to have conversations with people, however there was no one there apart from the owner. I know travel advisor said small but not 2 tables small! Well I was there anyway now. By now I was very hot and very hungry. I looked at the menu and I could order whatever I wanted. Now this changed my mood completely. I had choice of anything on the menu. This was the first time I was able to eat whatever I wanted. I ordered a fresh fruit juice and a chili skewered tofu. It did taste amazing. I enjoyed my food taking my time and enjoying the view of the gardens. I am so glad I made it, even though it took me so long to get there. The food was really good, the atmosphere was lovely. It was a shame I was on my own.












Next I had planned to go and release the baby sea turtles. Everyday at 4pm on the beach, the sea turtle society release the baby turtles back into the sea. They collect the eggs from the beach and look after them until they are ready to go back. Today there were 60 of them. I named my one Sammy. I told him not to be scared and he was going to be alright.  What a scene I saw before me, just as the sun was starting to set. All these beautiful baby sea turtles being released into the water at the same time, you could see their heads bobbing up and down. They looked so cute. I wonder where you are now Sammy!




I headed for the spa after I finished at sea turtles. It was a spa that was in the Lonely Planet guide book and it was only a couple of doors down from my hotel. Obviously I had to try it. It was called Jamu Traditional Spa. I can honestly say it was the best treatment I have ever had. It helped that it was two and half hours long. Tikka was my therapist she was kind and friendly, she spoke sweetly and had a beautiful smile, she had this lovely presence about her. First she gave me a massaging foot wash, followed by a head to toe traditional massage, this felt so nice and relaxing. Then she applied an all over body scrub and then scrubbed my whole body. Then it was time for my facial and eye mask while I just laid there and switched off. Then to finish it all off she ran me a rose petal bath. It looked so pretty and inviting as I stepped into it. I could smell the roses and the feel of the silky texture against my skin. It was a moment I will not be forgetting. Thank you Tikka. I’m sure I will sleep well tonight.


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