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My Children’s Yoga Classes

Welcome to Catcow Yoga

Where we bring yoga to every child. We strive in teaching yoga to children in uplifting playful environment.

Yoga for children, it is far from the quiet adult class you may have perceived, our yoga classes are filled with lots of noise, fun postures and exciting games. Followed by meditations and quiet relaxation time allowing them time to switch off and relax the body and the mind. Intergrating all the work we have done in the class.

Why Yoga for Kids?

In this day and age children are exposed to a life full of hustle and bustle just like us adults, stressing, rushing from place to place, spending lots of time in front of the TV and playing computer games, children don’t get the opportunity to switch off from everything and just be with themselves.

At Catcow we feel it is important for children to play and discover how they are feeling and to be aware of their thoughts. We teach them that life is in the present moment and to enjoy the journey of discovering who they become.


A Few of the Benefits of Yoga for Children?

Has a Calming Effect
Improves the Quality of Sleep
Helps Focus for Longer
Improves Concentration
Helps Enhance Memory
Gain More Self Confidence
Brings Awareness to the Body
Strengthens the Body and Mind
Improves Child’s Flexibility
Improves the Child’s Stamina and Cardiovascular System
Strengthens the Child’s Immune System
Helps them Relax and Breathe
Feel Happy and Content

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

If your interested in having yoga in your school, I am currently based in Milton Keynes. I would love to talk with you please contact me …..

What a few of the schools say about my yoga classes

“We have had Maya working in school with us each week for approximately one year. She currently delivers a yoga session to our children aged between 4-7 years.
The yoga sessions have proved really popular with the children and staff alike; they look forward to Maya’s visit each week. It has had a real impact on the children in that it gives them time to reflect and have quiet time, which in a school situation is rare! The staff have seen an impact on the concentration levels of the children too, they are more focussed for a longer period of time. We are looking forward to welcoming her back into school. ”
Lisa Watson – Headteacher@Newton Blossomville C of E School – September 2015


“We have known Maya Dattani for a year now, during which time we have been extremely pleased with her approach to yoga with our children.

She is always well- prepared, punctual and respectful of the needs of all our children. She is particularly careful to take account of children who are finding it difficult to join in or who are reluctant learners in any way. She has always been able to coax the most reticent child into joining her sessions.

The children love yoga and really look forward to their weekly session with her. The reason we first considered adding yoga as a regular activity was because we hoped that it would enable the children to become more aware of themselves and their feelings spiritually and socially, and to develop their listening skills. We have noticed that those who have been practising yoga with Maya for some time are now able to be still and calm, listen better, and most are now able to recognise the effects of their own behaviour on others.

We have found Maya to be adaptable and ready to offer help whenever she can. She relates very well to the staff, offers suggestions and requires little if any supervision or guidance from us at all. I would recommend Maya to you wholeheartedly.”

Jill Norton -Headteacher@Emberton School- September 2015


“Maya delivers a very successful Yoga Enrichment programme for our Year 7 and 8 pupils on Friday afternoons. The session lasts approximately one and a half hours and the children thoroughly enjoy it. Not only does it help them develop the yoga skills required to effectively participate and achieve personal success, but it offers the opportunity to explore mindfulness. Yoga fits in particularly well with many of our school’s values, including perseverance, cooperation, patience, respect and resilience.

She works successfully with all pupils, some of whom have a range of needs including Autistic Spectrum Conditions. Yoga is particularly beneficial to these pupils, but all of the children enjoy the sessions.

Maya effectively communicates her ideas and any concerns regarding a child, showing sensitivity and initiative. Furthermore, she shows a caring attitude towards all pupils, demonstrating empathy and understanding. She maintains a firm manner as and when necessary.

I recommend her without reservation.”

Samantha Clancy Headteacher@Fulbrook Middle School – March 2016





Nicola Fry
Reply 24/03/2018

Hi maya, I have found your website, and I think my childs school would really benefit from something like this, it is Roundhill Primary in Bath.

    Reply 26/03/2018

    Hi Nicola, I am quite far from Bath, you should speak to the school to see if they could find someone. It would be great for the children.

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