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Feeling Anxious, Stressed or Can’t sleep?

Have You Tried Yoga Nidra Before?

Yoga Nidra is also known as yogic sleep. It’s a paradoxical state of being between sleep and consciousness. Allowing you to completely switch off and relax. I feel that relaxing is a major thing that most people find hard to do, especially if you’re a mum. You’re always running around all over the place and have a collection of to-do lists in your head.


Slow down, switching off and tuning in is important to our health and for our productivity!!

Yoga Nidra practice allows the body to deeply relax while the mind is still alert. Apparently, 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 4 hours sleep. It also brings a sense of joy and peace.

What Will Yoga Nidra do for you?

Full Body Deep Relaxation

Improve the quality of your sleep

Bring yourself into a meditative state of consciousness

A feeling of complete bliss

 Improve the functioning of your nervous system and endocrine system

Helps cells regenerate and repair

Helps decrease anxiety and improve your mood

Imagine laying down peacefully on your mat with no disruptions. Snuggled up in your warm fluffy blanket. The lights are low and you can smell lavender in the air. Your body relaxes and melts into the ground, as you listen to my voice guiding you through the relaxation. You may drift off from time to time, but this is ok. As the meditation goes on you start to let go, feel the tension in the body release. As the process comes to an end, you slowly wake feeling rested and restored.


Come and experience it for yourself.

Date: Tuesday 6th November  18th December 2018

Time: 8.30pm-9.20pm

Venue: Wavendon Community Centre, Walton Road, Wavendon, Milton Keynes, MK17 8LH

Pay As You Go – £10 per session
7 Weeks – £56
Bring a Friend Offer is 2 people for £97

” Maya’s Yogic sleep night was wonderful. I came away feeling happy and peaceful. I had the best night’s sleep. I normally have broken sleep and wake at 4am and struggle to get to sleep again. I will definitely do it again!”

Annette Parmar


“Thank you for my first Yoga Nidra Maya!!! It was a great experience and I felt so calm and relaxed afterwards and slept so well that night. You always make the classes special, your added touch of the eye bags with lavender that you made, were wonderful. Thanks again!! Xxx”

Johanna Paulden


“Wow … best nights sleep in a long time.  Thank you Maya your yoga Nidra class was just what I needed … a little bit of time and space to relax in a safe and comfy environment with my pillow and blanket, whilst you guided us through a deep meditation .. then home for a peaceful nights sleep.”
Annette Waters