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Tracy Gravestock

Tracy Gravestock

“Before I started Kundalini I felt so tied up with work, study and life stresses bombarding my mind. I found it hard to switch off and this affected my focus, my reaction to those around me and most importantly my health (in other words I was completely over stimulated and strung out). Since practising Kundalini with Maya I have adapted an awareness to myself and my surrounds which has created a profound change in both my physical and mental energy. My mind is less reactive, more still, and I feel I am now connected to the natural rhythms of earth – a synergy between my mind, body, soul, making it easier to wake up in the morning and multitask my way, stressless throughout the day. Kundalini practice really can be transformational. It took me a few classes to really open myself up, but once I did I reaped in the benefits quite rapidly. Thank you Maya for your time, patience & providing a safe place to just be.”

  • 19/12/2016
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