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Neil Brewster

Neil Brewster

“I attended Kundalini yoga practice with Maya at The Heart Yoga Space in Wolverton.  I have been practising yoga for just over a year and had been focusing on the physical asanas / postures.  I thought I’d give Kundalini a try because I was feeling stuck.  And I was totally blown away by it!  Working with breath and movement, with some mantras, I came out feeling energised and full of zeal.  Sometimes trying new things can be intimidating, but Maya helped me feel safe and gave clear instruction on the techniques. Although the mantras are gurmukhi, you soon pick it up.  Physically, it is as challenging as you make it and Maya is great at nurturing an environment where you can work to your own level but with guidance from her.  Maya has a great ability to help you see the best in yourself and to allow it to grow and the feeling stays with you. Kundalini has added a powerful new aspect to my practice, especially off the mat, and I am definitely converted!”

  • 18/12/2016
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