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Gayle Bandy

Gayle Bandy

“I’ve practised Hatha yoga on and off for over 40 years and when I began retirement in January I added a weekly Iyengar class to my routine. I knew nothing of Kundalini yoga until I read an article about it in the Times earlier this year. I was so impressed by the reports of the benefits of this “yoga of awareness” that in June I sought out a local class which turned out to be Maya’s Thursday morning session at the Heart Yoga Space in Wolverton. What Maya teaches us is a dynamic form of yoga where the blend of kriyas, postures, chanting and meditation work really well together to leave us feeling physically energised, mentally stronger and emotionally uplifted. Maya’s gentle, reassuring approach helps to keep us focused and connected, and the Heart is a lovely, calm space to share this truly rewarding experience.”

  • 11/05/2015
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