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Feel the fear and do it anyway…

For a long time I was scared of ice skating, growing up as a child I wasn’t allowed to go, my dad told me it was too cold and I would hurt myself, or even break a bone or two. I just accepted he didn’t want me to go. However last week my son asked to go ice skating on the big rink. OMG the fear was kicking in, I tried so hard not to show it. I didn’t want my fears being passed onto my son. My body was going through the motions of getting in the car, paying for the entrance, collecting the boots, putting my boots on, but my head was in whole new other place. It was telling me I was going to freeze, for anyone who knows me, I really do hate the cold!!! And that I was going to fall and hurt myself, especially my back. I’ve had an ongoing issue with my lower back since my son was born 11 years ago and was scared of falling and aggravating it. Well, so this is how I decided to tackled it. To combat the cold, I put on two pairs of socks, tights, jeans, my under armour thermal top, fleece and not forgetting my hat, scalf and gloves. No way I was getting off the ice because of the cold!! Next thing I had to shut off the crazy thoughts of getting hurt in my head. This was where I avoided connecting with that fear. I wasn’t going to let it get me. It was still skimming on the surface. I decided I was going to turn these thoughts into concentrating on what I was going to gain from today.  I was walking up to the entrance of the rink, putting one foot in front of the other. Being very aware of each step I was talking. I saw a little boy skid into someone and fall over and my initial thoughts started to come back to me. No! I needed to do this, by now I was feeling pretty scared after see this kid fall. I got my balance and focused on just walking on the ice. Putting one foot in front of the other. Not even holding the sides of the rink. Every time I saw someone fall I would bring myself back to me. Focusing on myself and not the others around me. About half an hour into the session I still hadn’t fallen. There were a few times I lost my balance and thought I was going to drop but I leaned back and took a deep breath and managed to compose myself and got my balance back. Once I got the hang of this I wanted to go faster. I was now gliding on the ice instead of walking. And as for the cold. My body temperature was warming up. I even shouted to my son, it’s getting hot in here!!! He laughed at me. By now I was beginning to relax and actually enjoy myself. I couldn’t believe what a buzz I was feeling, the fear had turned into enjoyment. I felt free on the ice, gliding round the rink in and out of the people. I was going faster and faster avoiding anyone that had fallen. That feeling from inside was like a glow of light radiating from me as I glided over the ice, I was smiling from inside. I wouldn’t have got this if I let my fear take over me. I am so very grateful for my first proper experience of ice skating and I am sure that next time it will be even better. Feel your fear, address it, and then focus on the task at hand. Be mindful with what  you are doing and really feel the exeprience of being in the present moment. If I can do it, then anyone can….


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Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thank you for providing this info.

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    Thank you I must have missed your comment.

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